Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back on track!

So yesterday's weigh-in went really well - I figured I would lose some weight because after returning from vacation I got back into my normal routine - but 2.8lbs was more than I expected because I still managed to go WAY over my points for the week! I have to be honest though, as much as I love being on vacation it was really nice to get back into my routine. The gym was grueling since I have done very little exercise for several weeks but it felt really good to get back into it.

Speaking of "routines" - one routine that I REALLY need to work on breaking is my Subway cookie habit. I used to be really good at just passing them by, but lately I seem to have gotten into the habit of always saying yes to them and I realize that it's not necessary. This week I went to Subway 4 times and got cookies 4 times (and as embarrassed as I am to admit this - 2 times were in the same day!). What I need to do is start looking at those cookies (and all cookies for that matter) as a special TREAT - something I should indulge in once in a while (like once a month or so) instead of EVERY time. So that is one thing I am really going to work on this week.

So for those of you NON fat people reading my blog I'd like to explain a little something about jeans that we fat girls have to deal with. I have never in my life worn out a pair of jeans in the "normal" places - not in the knees or the butt - and I've never split a pair of jeans in the crotch either. But I still manage to wear out a pair of jeans within a year or so. How you ask? Well, as a fat girl my thighs rub together and THIS is where I manage to spring holes in my denim. Usually I have 2 pairs of jeans that I alternate between that are my "comfy" jeans - a little tight right out of the washer but perfect after a few hours of wear. Well during one of the last few days of vacation I went to sit in the car and the wear in one of my thighs finally gave way and split open - in the garbage they went! That essentially left me with one working pair of jeans, so when I got home I went through my closet and tried on all my jeans to find another pair to add into the rotation. I found one pair that fits pretty well but are a little bit too tight in the waist. I can get them on and done up no problem but they are a little bit uncomfortable when sitting. So guess what is NOT such a good idea when you are wearing jeans that are a little too tight? Going to the movies and drinking a large pop (for you Americans - a large soda)!! I went to see a movie that was an hour and a half long and had to get up and go to the bathroom 4 TIMES!!! That's a record even for me!! So my plan is to hopefully get out and get myself another pair of jeans!!

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