Monday, March 21, 2011

I eat, therefore I am...

Fat. Obviously. BUT, as with every other time that I have tried to "get back on track", and started doing what I should have been doing the whole time (eating right, exercising, etc.) I have had success. Despite one (or two or five) too many cookies this weekend, I lost 1.8lbs this week!! This is good news a) because I haven't lost any in about a month and b) even though I did much much better this week with tracking and thinking about what I'm eating and such, I wasn't perfect. There were a few days I DIDN'T track, there were many times I ate more than I should and not what I should have. So I definitely have things to work on this week, but overall this past week was a much more in control one than the few before it. Here's the catch, I know that eventually, just doing a little better than last week is going to stop being enough. Eventually I am going to have to full out follow the plan in order to keep seeing results. I'm ok with that though, because the plan is really just a healthy lifestyle.

Last week was a fairly stable week schedule wise. I happen to work two different jobs. One, an office job - very boring, but very predictable and scheduled. I know when I'm going to leave, when I will get home, when I have lunch. I can plan my meals and snacks easier, fit in exercise more often, etc etc. My other job is much more variable. I never really know what time I'm going to have to be there, if I'll have time for snacks or even lunch, no idea when I will get home, therefore no idea if I can make it to the gym or not. This week marks the return of the second job mixed in with the office. This could definitely pose a problem with my progress. I guess I'll have to work that much harder!!

But hey, everybody loves a good challenge!!

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