Monday, January 18, 2010

I give up!!

Well, I don't REALLY give up - I'm definitely still trying to lose weight. What I give up is trying to understand exactly how weight loss works (at least for me anyway!). I lost 1.6lbs this week - and I have NO IDEA how!

Lets recap with my goals for the week shall we??

1) Keep tracking

Ok well I did pretty well on this one - but like I said in my last post, WHAT I was tracking was a completely different story.

2) Stay within points target

FAIL!! I went WAY over my points for the week - which definitely adds to my lack of understanding of my pretty decent weight loss this week.

3) Gym 3 times

Pass - I managed to haul my ass to the gym 3 times this week - which MAY have helped counter-balance the failure in goal #2 a LITTLE bit - but again, not enough to account for the weight loss.

4) Subway cookies - lets just not even talk about this one.

5) Increase water consumption

This one I think I am going to void because I have to admit it was a pretty lame goal - too vague!

So, to sum it all up? I DON'T GET IT!!!

Goals for this week are going to be very similar to last weeks - only with a few slight modifications:

Keep tracking, stay within points target, gym 3 times, only get cookies at Subway ONCE this week (because obviously going cold turkey [no pun intended!] doesn't work so well for me!!), drink at least 6 cups of water each day (see me getting all specific with this one!!) hehehehe.

So there you have it - I have no idea why last week went so well when it seemed like it WASN'T going well at all - so I may as well try and keep it up this week!!

CHEAP PLUG TIME!! I am a very big reader and I also LOVE movies - so in an attempt to keep myself busy I have 2 other blogs going - one is reviews of the different books that I read and the other is movie reviews. Keep in mind they are works in progress!! I am slowly trying to add reviews to them as I see new films and read new books, while also trying to bulk them up with some older things! Please check them out and feel free to comment!!


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