Tuesday, January 19, 2010


VERY VERY bad start to my week! Ok, so you're probably thinking - hey it's Tuesday - it's not the start of the week! Well for ME it is. As you know, I weigh in at WW on Monday nights - that means my WW week begins on Tuesdays. Tuesdays is the day that I get a whole new 35 weekly points to work with (on top of my daily points target). For those of you non-Weight Watchers members out there let me explain. Every Weight Watchers member has a "daily" points target (the maximum amount of points you are supposed to eat each day). This target is a personal target based on a variety of things like age, gender, weight, job, etc. On top of that, you get 35 extra "weekly" points to spend how you want (on a special dinner, to split up each day, whatever). If you don't use your weekly 35 points, you lose them - they don't carry over to the next week (as if mine last that long anyway!). So today was the day I got a fresh 35 points to use - and guess how many of them I used today?? 21!!!!! YEAH!! Not only did I eat ALL of my daily points but I managed to inhale 21 of my 35 weekly points! That means I only have 14 extra points to last me the week. NOT GOOD!

So how did I manage to do that you ask? Well lets just say this was a day of indulgence! I had my normal breakfast of peanut butter toast and had a WW cookie for my morning snack. Lunch was where things started to go bad. I went out to a local restaurant with a co-worker for lunch and even though I got a lunch sized pasta, between that and the bread it still managed to eat up almost half of my daily points. THEN, after work I went to see a movie with a friend. So that meant dinner in the mall food court and OF COURSE I had to get some popcorn for the show!! So that is how I managed to eat my way through an INSANE amount of points for one day. GREAT start to my week!

On the positive side, I definitely managed to get my 6c of water in today (and consequently spent half the day in the washroom!). The plan for tomorrow is to get to the gym and try and earn myself an extra few points for the week!!

P.S. I went to see Leap Year so check out my movie review blog here to read my review!

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