Sunday, December 13, 2009


So I have come to a number of conclusions over the past week:

1) this is not going to be as easy as I expected

I thought I would start this blog and immediately I would get that extra boost that I needed to stay on track and get rid of this extra weight. Not so. I have been trying, but I know there are still many things I have to work on and this week has only helped to clarify what those things are.

2) I really need to learn to just say no to cookies!

7 days - 6 delicious subway cookies in my stomach that I did NOT need to eat. My goal for this week? Reduce that number to 0. It's going to be really hard - those deliciously under baked treats staring me down at the cash register will be tough to say no to but it's something to work towards anyway!

I weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow and am a little nervous that the scale might have crept up a tiny bit. I've already told you about the overindulgence in cookies but add that with the measly 2 times I managed to haul my butt to the gym this week and I could be in a lot of trouble tomorrow! Stay tuned for the results!

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