Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rocky Start

So, today has been kind of a mixed bag of good and bad. Started off OK - got up, had some peanut butter toast and sat around for a little while. I hadn't gone to the gym in a few days so I decided to walk down for a workout and grab a sub for lunch on the way. Good - 20min walk to Subway. Good - ordered a turkey sub on brown (yummy!) THEN I got to the cash register and there staring me in the face were delicious looking, chocolaty, under baked (just the way I like them!) cookies just CALLING my name. Before I knew it the words "combo with cookies" flew out of my mouth! So, minor setback ... Why do they have to put those cookie shelves right there at eye level? I was doing so well until I saw them!

Went to the gym afterwards and put in a good workout - doubt it made up for the cookies though! Walked home from the gym and here I sit. I wonder how dinner is going to go? Those take-out menus are so tempting! Weight in tomorrow at WW so I guess I'll see then how my week has been~

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