Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I went out for lunch today at a local restaurant (I know, I know, BAD IDEA) and a few things came across my mind. I had planned to try and order something at least semi-healthy as I sat down to peruse the menu, and about half way in I came across a section called "on the lighter side". GREAT you think, OBVIOUSLY this is where my meal came from! WRONG. Although there were several options that I may have considered, by the time I got to this section of the menu, I already had to look at pictures of nachos, loaded cheese fries, hamburgers, fries, pastas and sandwiches. While I appreciate the fact that this restaurant put a section of slightly healthier options, for an eataholic such as myself with a weight problem and a love of food, those healthy options didn't have a chance! My suggestion, put that section of the menu near the front, BEFORE all the other entres so that people with no willpower (such as myself) can look at this section, decide what we want and not have to look through all the other things that are probably going to appeal to us more. Just a thought!

Having returned from my lunch (by the way, I settled for soup and a sandwich - kind of in between good and bad), I logged onto the restaurant web site to check out the nutritional information in order to calculate my Weight Watchers points (you can stop laughing at me now) and to my dismay - NO NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE! How, in this day and age, with all the fuss about healthy living and nutrition tracking, does a common, chain restaurant NOT feel the need to put their nutritional info on their website?

I have heard that some restaurants (I think more in the US than here in Canada yet) are actually going so far as to print nutritional info (cal & fat) right on the menu! Personally, I think this is a great idea! As I have mentioned, I have very little willpower, so seeing that a particular entre is going to cost me 1500 cals and 65g of fat is that extra little push I need to order something a little healthier.

What are your thoughts on these issues?

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