Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, in an attempt to make my blog more interesting I have been creeping other people's pages looking for cool things I can add. New items I have added to my blog:

1) a weight loss ticker

Now not only can you read about my ups and downs while trying to lose weight, you can literally follow my weight ups and downs! Exciting I know!! Just something I thought might be self-motivating (now I won't be the only one who knows when I have a bad week and tip the scales in the wrong direction!)

2) a playlist

Has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss, but I thought it might be cool for you to be able to listen to some of my favourite songs at the moment while browsing my posts - suggestions always welcome!

3) contact me

I have created an e-mail address to contact me with. Please feel free to write with questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

I will continue to keep adding things as I come across them. As I have said I am pretty new to blogging so I have no idea what's out there. Anything you want to see added please let me know!

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