Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So I gave in and ordered take-out on Sunday BUT I got something semi-healthy at least (I could have gotten pizza!) Considering how I ate last week my Monday weigh-in went surprisingly well! I stayed exactly the same, and you know what? I'LL TAKE IT! My goal for this week is to ATTEMPT to stay on track with my eating - going to be difficult I'm sure!

So I went to the gym tonight and decided to run on the treadmill - first time I have run since grade 10 gym class (i.e. over a decade ago). It went surprisingly well! I was able to go a whole 2 minutes before taking a walking break! I was expecting to trip or pass out or something.

Observation: I know as a fat girl I have a fat ass - kind of common sense right? However, I did not realize quite how fat my ass was until I started running and was in PAIN from the fat on my ass and thighs bouncing up and down - always a wonderful experience! New years resolution: lose enough weight so that ass does not jog independently from the rest of my body!

I stopped at Subway on the way home from the gym and avoided eye contact with the delicious cookies calling my name. One small victory I suppose.

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